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Thanksgiving was just the two of us, Zoom with the kids and grandkids, phone calls, terrible Lion’s football and some binge watching shows. I am very lucky my husband cooked the turkey and the stuffing. All I had to do was warm up the sides and bake a frozen pie. I can make pies from scratch but not this year. We continue to live in unprecedented times and my free time is spent doing things I love vs things I don’t. Pie making from scratch is on the list of don’t really enjoy activity!

We had a wonderful Black Friday with our son and his wife. We went to an outdoor Christmas market where I bought a tiny Juniper for my fairy garden and then to Meijer gardens indoor Christmas tree display. We had a great time catching up and then having my favorite, pulled pork, at Mission BBQ. I will be slowly releasing pictures of the trees on IG over December to help me get ideas for, as well as into, the Christmas spirit this year. I am thinking about putting up my big tree in a couple of weeks. We will see how the energy and my sore back goes. The thing I hate about getting older is this scenario: I put a trash bag into the can. I bent over wrong and bingo, I won a sore back for my 4 day holiday weekend. Oh boy, just what I always wanted! It’s a pulled muscle but most inconvenient.

I have been really trying to rekindle some family traditions and going to the garden with the themed trees was great. They shared the traditions of many cultures and it got me thinking about the holiday traditions our family has/had. I think I will look at my grandma’s recipes and maybe make some. I want to do a Cricut project with her recipes in her own handwriting. I also want to find some of the old dishes and put them out. However, while remembering our family’s old traditions, I feel I want to make some new traditions too. I don’t know what that will look like but this trip got me thinking about it. Maybe new ornaments for the tree or an annual theme. Maybe a different style advent calendar like a cheese or Tea one. Maybe Make a felt Christmas tree and make a new felt ornament to put on it every day like Jennifer Maker’s! I know that I will listen to my favorite holiday music and watch some of my old favorite movie’s and shows too as an annual tradition. It will be a fun thing to do as we in the days leading up to Christmas and New Year’s!

I have this weekend to myself to sew, craft and do a little clean up since my husband is out deer hunting for the last two days. I was given a large amount of needle felting things from my Daughter in Law yesterday. I am really excited about doing some needle felting and maybe that will be my new passion because it looks like so much fun. I want to make a gnome and a mushroom and so many cute things I have seen on YouTube already. I will start with making a little ball as suggested for the beginner project.

Hope your holiday was wonderful! I am looking forward to celebrating them and remembering the wonderful traditions we have. Covid has made a horrible surge in Michigan and we are being very careful of the things we choose to do. Like going to places that are large and airy or outside, keeping visits with family in smaller groups and monitoring our health for possible exposures before we go, as well as all the other things to keep us safe. It’s a grind but I keep hoping that it won’t be like this forever. I think I need to get making things and get my holiday crafts going today.

AND THANKS to everyone who has purchased me a virtual Cup of Coffee, I really appreciate it!


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    • We did not do thing on Thanksgiving as we are still being concerned about this Covid. We have had all the vaccines and bouster. We had the traditional thanksgiving dinner with Karen and it was good. My oldest daughter really done a number on her back while dressing. Has been off work close to two weeks already and still cannot return to work. I have been quilting most of the time and making some progress on one I am working on. Glad your Holiday was great.


      • I am really sad about my state having such a Covid surge too. I hope to see my parents soon before Christmas since were all boosted. I am slowly getting my back feeling better myself. I hope to get a huge amount of crafting and quilting done its what keeping me/us sane!


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