Saturday Morning Coffee

A cup of hot coffee by Markus Spiske is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

April is here! I don’t know why but I am so excited that April is here. I am going on a vacation starting Thursday of this week. We are going to warmer weather and visiting the grandkids and their parents of course!

April has more warmth and I am really hoping the rest of the snow will melt. I am hoping no more ice just spring rains and more sunshine. I am really wanting to plant my sunflower seeds but it is way to early even to put them in a seed tray inside because they can’t be planted out until end of May here.

I am looking forward to walks outside and maybe coffee on my flagstone patio. I am pledging to get out on my patio more this year to observe nature and to not let my neighbors drive me inside all year. You know the drill, barking dogs, smokers and revving cars. HOWEVER, there have been significant changes in some of the folks who live near me over this past year and I am going to reclaim my back yard. I had lost some of the desire to be out there over the past few years for many reason. I did sit in it last year but I am thinking I am going to make it a morning ritual this year.

I am excited to say that I have been long arming daily over the past few weeks. I am enjoying my free motion quilting so much. Not much sewing happening and that is how it goes because there is only so much time in a day. I am able to knit on my Elementary shawl because the tendon in my hand is better, too. The cardigan crochet project will probably get finished over the summer as I let it heal more.

I have also started to get a more detailed and serious Fly lady routine going for the spring so I can get this house cleaned up and tidier. I won’t say I am doing tons of deep spring cleaning, but Fly Lady breaks it down to 15 min tasks a day to keep your house in order so it “practically cleans itself”. I did something I haven’t done in, well years. I vacuumed under the cushions on my living room furniture this week. Now you can’t see any of that but for some reason I feel this house is cleaner already. This week I won’t be here to do too much but I can get a few things done before we go and I will feel great about how the house will look when we get home! I downloaded an app to keep me reminded about what zone we are in so I can plan it all out in my Silk and Sonder journal.

The last thing I did was download a meditation app. I think it will help me do a daily deep breathing and relaxation exercise on my lunch hour to reset my mind before I tackle the afternoon at work.

Lots of fresh starts going on around here! April has inspired me already


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  1. I do flylady. There is an app called home routines that you can edit and have it fit your house and time. All 15 min. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks and see improvement already. Check it out!


  2. I’m feeling better that Spring is here too. But I’m where you were a few yrs ago with back yard. The landlord took down a very large and only shade tree I loved. Almost all my perennials and even the grass was for part shade. I had to dig up many plants and put them in pots and say goodbye to a whole flower bed that was demolished by the tree service. All without any warning. Does this sound familiar?? I was devastated. So it makes me feel better to hear things are getting better for you and maybe eventually for me too.
    I’m doing Fly lady through Diane in Denmark. Love her! Those short bursts of decluttering and zonework is genius. And your 15 mins routine of sewing is really making a difference for me in getting things done.
    Enjoy your vacation with the big and little kiddos!


    • I love Diane of Denmark and how she is able to show how easy it is to do the Fly Lady routines! I am a huge fan of breaking everything down into 15 min units of activity. I am going to apply that to my gardening and time to just be in my garden without doing anything. I have healed a bit over the wounds of my garden being torn up and I think this year I am ready to really make it mine again without all the sadness of the big changes. I am so sorry you went through that too. It is so hard to work through and so much work!


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