Saturday Morning Coffee

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A new day is dawning. It is warming to the low 70s and the garden is very happy. We have had rain off and one. Some will fall tonight. I have been living a very slow life. I mean very slow. It’s ok, just having to pace myself as I am not healed from Covid and I had to start new meds this week for my breathing. I think it is better but there is no steady improvement path with this. One day you are fine and the next day you aren’t. The day after may be better. I took a couple of days off to try to let the meds work.

I did crochet one granny. It is familiar to me and I was able to be part of the great Granny Squared along. I did try to sew a little yesterday and I have part of the first quilt block sewn. Too many decision are exhausting so I stop when I am feeling the fatigue or frustration the brain fog can bring.

If I were retired, this would be perfectly fine. But I am not retired and so far keeping up at work has been a struggle. I have great co workers to help me so things are covered there. I have a feeling I am going to have a long haul with this and I am going to have to adjust my personal expectations a little.

In the meantime, I am rehabilitating myself. Since there is no literature out there on recovery from Covid, I am doing the thing my doctor says, which totally aligns to my philosophy…. if you feel up to it go ahead and do it. If you can’t then don’t. Total common sense, right?

Because it makes me feel better, I am doing a couple of things each day. Smelling different smells and then pondering what I remember it smelling like, tasting like and I think that has improved. I am trying to reach 3000 steps a day if my breathing allows. Rest an hour in between any activity and that includes high executive thinking activity because the headaches and brain fog are no joke.

I am listening to all kinds of music, playing some games like Wordle and candy crush to keep my mind firing a little bit. I double the time I usually need to get things done and let the feeling of perfection go. It’s easy to say, right? And if I need a nap I take one, I have tried to drive so I don’t feel overwhelmed in a car. My new car has so many buttons I feel like it is new every time I start it up so I need practice driving it to get comfortable.

Overall, a ton of self-care. I am feeling a teeny bit better than I was and I am celebrating that as a win.

Hope your Saturday is fantastic !



  1. I hope you make a full recovery soon!
    That long haul stuff is no joke but it sounds like your medical care team has some experience with it.
    We have a serious heat wave here so staying in this weekend and working on baby quilt gifts. No time for Granny SAL but I love watching your participation! Take care of yourself!


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