Saturday Morning Coffee

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I have been enjoying a week of slow living. Before I went to work each morning, I would prepare or sew my granny square block in 10 min increments. I would journal and listen to my daily ritual with Silk and Sonder. I would then look over my flower bed scanning for new blooms and hoping the peonies were going to open. Unfortunately, not this week. I try to guess what plants I have in the garden because until some flower I really don’t remember what they are. It’s a lovely surprise every year. I check the fairy garden to be sure the bunnies and rabbits haven’t tipped over any of my houses. I make a mental note if I need to right anything before I leave for work.

I have been watching Gardeners World on Brit box during my lunch hour. I have not been sewing or crafting because I have needed that time to rest before returning to work. After work, I have knitted a row while watching a new channel I am fascinated with called Country Life Vlog. It is a lovely slow living channel depicting a traditional life and focuses on cooking of a family. Its a beautifully filmed channel and a great escape from the modern day hustle and bustle.

To improve my channel, my husband bought me a gimbal which allows me to walk and move while I film yet the device keeps my video smooth. I have bad balance as well as shaky hands some days. I love it so watch for those improvements in my YouTube, Reels and TikTok videos.

I hope to be able to record a podcast but the post Covid shortness of breath can be a problem still. I may have to do it in several recording sessions which I don’t like because I forget what I said in the previous segment. Honestly, I may need to take more time off from recording it if it becomes a great but pain in the butt to do.

So this weekend, I have no plans. I am working on Spontaneity with my June journal’s theme. I will let the three day weekend unfold as it may and go with where it takes me. As I travel throught the days maybe I will find time to sew, longarm or post on social media. We will see where the energy takes me!

have a lovely weekend,



  1. I needed a 3 day weekend too! I have been finishing up a quilt for my sister and now trying to decide about quilting. Like everything else, it’s getting more expensive. I’m coming to terms with making less larger quilts and making smaller quilts and projects I can quilt myself just to keep expenses down!
    Hope you get to enjoy your garden and some rest!


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