Saturday Morning Coffee

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I have been slowly getting stronger. I have been trying to work my Covid rehab program as a part of my everyday life. I have had a couple of days where I could walk more than a few thousand steps. I have done isometrics a few times and continue to do deep breathing exercises. I have also done some smell training. I still get completely exhausted for no reason; I have to use inhalers before I do anything. I still cannot taste coffee.

But I can taste and smell a few things and there is the occasional whiff of something I wasn’t able to smell before.

Thank goodness for our Home Chef because that is one thing I don’t have to think about, and I know since I can’t taste much that the spices are going to be spot on. The things you never thought you would have to worry about in life sometimes surprises you.

Enough about Covid, what have I been doing? I made a couple of visits to see my family. For my own mental health and to feed my soul, I went to a Highland game and sat at the field listening to bagpipes and watched the Highland games. I did walk a tiny bit to see the Celtic festival. Mostly visiting with people, I haven’t seen in several years. It did as much for my rehab as anything. The biggest issue post Covid syndrome is that you have fear that you won’t be able to do it, won’t be able to breathe and that you can’t just go lie down. However, I decided I needed to go my favorite festival. It was great!

I am creating at a snail’s pace. I have made a Granny square quilt block. Crocheted one granny square and long armed one swirl quilt in the past month. I have been excited about something I thought I would never do again and that is cross stitch. It is just enough brain exercise and I can pick the colors. I am nearly finished with my granny cross stitch. I am doing a quilt theme cross stitch along with Fat Quarter Shop next month so watch my social about that. You can see it and get the details on FQS You tube here: It the first segment about “you are the boss of your own quilt” stitch along

I was really thinking that maybe I am not interested in quilting anymore. I realized I am not interested in some quilting projects. I am also not able to process information and use dangerous sharp tools on days I am foggy headed. I am more interested in super slow and incredibly detailed projects when I am ready for them. I think that means epp and hand stitching Dear Jane. I have a start on epp hexies with the Liberty fabrics so I may start stitching some of them when I can. I am going to work on the Great Granny Squared blocks still. Long arming is super slow, one row a day and I have tons of my tops and friends tops to do.

The biggest key to all of my best days is pacing myself and keeping stress low or manageable. I have been approved to work from home a couple of afternoons a week. That helps. I am also very happy to get away from the office for these little breaks. Maybe that can be more of a long-term arrangement but for now it’s only for 3 months.

I recorded a podcast this past week and the link is in the side bar. I also recorded a YouTube video about the Granny Square along. I hope to be back on track on making content for those platforms. In the meantime, I enjoy making shorts for YouTube, reels on IG and FB and TikTok videos all of which are the same videos just cross posted.

Today is a quiet home weekend of chores and making. My husband and I did have a date last night and walked across the street and down the alley to the local festival. We saw folks we haven’t seen in years. We got into eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner and massive Margaritas that they aren’t shy about putting the alcohol in. Then we walked the vendor section a wee bit tipsy. We bought handmade soap and fudge. Lol, one day your just crazy about going to the festival to ride all the rides and maybe when older to see everyone at the beer tent the next thing you know you have Margaritas then buy soap and fudge taking selfies with old friends. How times have changed!


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  1. We are here when you are ready to post or podcast. Keep on taking care of you and working on getting better!


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