Saturday Morning Coffee

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Winter has arrived and we have nearly a foot of snow. I didn’t think it would stay, to be honest, and I wasn’t concerned that our snowblower is still not attached to the tractor. We didn’t get any fall chores done about the yard and had some dreams that maybe we could still get a little something done but that’s ok honestly, leaving the leaves overwinter on the lawn and garden is actually good for the plants and soil. I did listen to the weather forecasts, but I thought that they were the typical “over forecasting” that is done for weekends and holidays. What I didn’t expect was that the snow would stick with this latest lake effect snow machine and be so cold all week! We didn’t get buried in snow, really its light and fluffy. I also am really hoping that everyone in the Buffalo, New York area are doing ok. You can’t do much but wait if you get 50 to 60 inches of snow in a short period of time. I hope they get the roads open soon for those folks.

I have had a week of being without a car because the parts will be here soon, and it can be repaired from the damages when we hit a deer a couple of weeks ago. I have discovered that being dependent on other people can really be difficult. I have had to get a ride to work, I can’t just run to the store to pick up a few things or my scripts, or just run to the bank. I am so grateful for my car, and I cannot wait to get it back. It is opened my eyes a bit on the struggles of people who don’t have what I have been blessed with. I am able to get a car for next week and if needed I could rent a car long term however, who would want to spend money unnecessarily in this economy, my husband’s work is slowing down and looking to furlough people so not spending money foolishly is on my mind. We will be fine because he will work due to seniority and all but again time to be very thankful. Did I tell you that we had to buy a new fridge too? So it has been quite a week.

I had a week that was odd. I had a routine colonoscopy Monday, and it was all good results. I just kept thinking this is the best we can do for this test? The prep was brutal and then I needed an extra day to recover so 3 days all devoted to nothing but that test! I am so glad that I don’t have to go back for 10 years. And maybe in a decade they will come up with something better with advanced technology so that a human doesn’t have to do that prep and take off 3 days of life for it!! I thought I was doing well until I tried to cross stitch while sitting in my chair like a lump.

On this brutally cold day, I am going to get out from under this quilt and do a little laundry then sew, sew, sew!! I am in the mood to sew and have football on in the background. I will knit and cross stitch, too. I may get my hexies out and hand sew a little. I have all day today to do these things. Podcast? Yep, that is on my agenda also after the Michigan football game.

I have also entered the next era of life and I am loving it!! We are not hosting a Thanksgiving meal at my house. We are attending my brother’s since he can host it on a weekend this year. It will be wonderful to be a guest and I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the meal tomorrow weather dependent and all that.

While my husband is out deer hunting, I am going to my sewing space!



  1. We tend to procrastinate on the jobs we really hate to do !! Changing to tractor from mowing deck to snowblower is one of the worst jobs annually. I did help with shining the light lol. I am all caught up on wellness checks and then on to the dentist 😬. Overall I feel this winter is going to be the turning point for me and I am looking forward to doing more 🙂 thank-you so much and for your comments!


  2. Why are we never ready for winter? We had an exceptionally nice fall, with no snow, and only a couple nights frost until the end of October. Then, we had a week of snow and brutally cold temperatures. I think that Mother Nature just wants us to take winter seriously. Now that the temperature has moderated a bit, we’re making sure we’re ready for the next cold snap.
    I agree with you about the colonoscopy. It’s been more than 10 years since mine, but my doc says if I do an annual FIT test, I should be fine. I’m believing her, as I don’t want to go through that prep again!
    I hope you’re back up to speed now. You have had a real mess of it the last 6 months! Time for some feeling good!


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