Saturday Morning Coffee

Black coffee with poppy seed strude by Jakub Kapusnak is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

I hope you had a most wonderful week and if you are in the US a wonderful Thanksgiving. I sure did. I needed the oasis of the long holiday weekend to balance out the intense work week. We had a holiday making new traditions and it was a great day. It was just my husband and I this year. Remember we did gather with family last week at my brother’s house and had turkery there.

We had some plans for a meal, once my husband decided he was taking the day off from deer hunting, but the meat we defrosted didn’t look right Thanksgiving morning. We realized that pork tenderloin had been in the freezer way too long and that was the freezer that the temp wasn’t staying consistent in. PS we replaced that frige/freezer last week. The morning of Thanksgiving we realized our grocery store was open! We made an urgent food run our evening meal and picked up some t bone steaks, a veggie casserole, large baking potatoes and brownies from the bakery. I had made some chocolate chip cookies for a sweet snack the day before, so our menu was amazing! Funny things kept happening, when my husband went to start the grill, it ran out of gas, so he cooked the steaks the old-fashioned way on the stove. It was delicious. We laughed about the year the stove died and the turkey wasn’t fully cooked, and he had to swap out the broiler ignitor. And another year the bird never would cook because it got too cold brining in the garage overnight and we ate the ham my mom had cooked. Oh the memories, they were very sweet to recall of years gone by. And we are very thankful Meijer was open on Thanksgiving Day because everything else in town was closed.

Our tradition of watching football continued. It was a good game even though the Lions lost. We called family, zoom called the kids and I stitched on my Stitchy Stars cross stitch project. I was looking at online stores for Christmas shopping ideas and overall, the holiday was a lovely day. I hope your Thanksgiving was too.

I have so much to be thankful for. I am really fortunate to have my little house on the 45th parallel. My car is getting fixed by the car insurance and should be finished in a week. I have a ton of crafting supplies to use. I am happy and very pleased with my relationships. I am beginning to feel like I have started to recuperate from long covid. I am so grateful for all I have been blessed with, my loving family and for all of the people in my life.

I decided this week I needed a new cross stitch pattern for Christmas. I spent all week combing through Fat Quarter Shop’s patterns and I decided on this pattern! It is supposed to be here Monday. I am so excited. I bought the DMC floss and I decided on a platinum Aida cloth for the project.

I love the Quaker vibe of this pattern, yet I feel like it will fit in my vintage meets modern home. The stitch reminds me of my grandmother so it will be very cool to make. I will stitch this year on it vs the one in the pattern. I love that it is only 2 colors!

I did sew the latest Sewcialites2 block this week. I used some triangles on a roll and made the half square triangles oversized and trimmed them down. The empower block I chose is 6 inches. It is not for the faint of heart to make. I am thinking most of my points will be preserved. We have a week off for the holiday and then the sewalong picks back up, so I have time to long arm and maybe get a ufo out.


Block #5 in the Sewcialites2 sew along! it was a lot of work and I am calling it done #Sewcialites2 #fatquartershop

♬ Gold (Remix) – Kiiara

We’re off to drive to our hotel for the evening and then attend the football game tomorrow. I don’t plan on shopping today but who knows what the trip will bring. I am looking forward to a wonderful dinner with my husband tonight and a lovely breakfast tomorrow prior to the game. We will return tomorrow afternoon and then have Sunday to recouperate from the trip and prepare for the work week.

Have a great day!!


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  1. It all sounds wonderful! I was visiting with relatives in KS and visited my son and DIL in their new home in AR last week to beat the holiday travelers. It was great and we did our own walk down memory lane. Very fun! I think you sound very much back to normal theses days which means I can’t keep up with you!😂 Did you like using the triangle paper? I keep wanting to try it. Also love the new cross stitch project! What fabric count? I’m still intimidated by anything over a 14 count Aida but those samplers are calling to me! Let’s not think about the work week till late Sunday evening 😉


    • I am so glad you were able to visit with your family and see you son’s new home!! I am trying to make travel plans for next year and so far, we haven’t come up with any vacation or visiting ideas yet. Want to go somewhere but not plan too much that will be too tiring or too expensive if my husband’s work stays slow.

      I did buy 14 count Aida. I am a bit afraid of smaller stitching because I have enough troubles with 14 count and I really don’t want to pay the amount of money that the market demands for evenweaves and fancy flosses. I am looking for a cheap hand stitch project that may just turn out to be a fidget and sit in a drawer or mail off to my kids to finish LOL!! I also LOVE working with the triangle paper but it is too expensive to just buy and collect all the sizes for “one day” projects. If you are making an entire quilt with loads of hst, flying geese or even blocks like log cabin, pineapple I would paper piece in a heartbeat. I happen to have loads of papers and it is my preferred way to piece but I have been trying to get my quilting skills back so I am traditionally piecing together blocks to remember how to do it!!
      Thanks for the comments !


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