Giving Thanks Podcast

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Please consider using my affilate link to Fat Quarter Shop for all of your quilting, notions and cross stitch needs, it doesn’t cost you anything but helps me out a lot!!

affiliate link for Fat Quarter Shop

Our Creative Souls Craft info is on my blog regarding todays crafts:

Free Patterns for Sewcialites and Sewcialites 2:


Block #5 in the Sewcialites2 sew along! it was a lot of work and I am calling it done #Sewcialites2 #fatquartershop

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  1. Hi Vicki! Always a pleasure to listen to your podcast…especially how you described the beautiful crystal and Thanksgiving dinner your brother thoughtfully planned for the family. What a memorable day. And how you and your husband changed the dinner pork loin into a Meijer’s shopping trip! I love that store! And then only to discover the lp gas running out. Oh man, what a surprise. I told Mark that we need to get a second tank for that very’s happened to us also. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I’m going to check out the Instagram photo challenge that you mentioned…sounds like fun! See you next time! Mary


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